Philipp Plein Paris


Philipp Plein Paris




250 sqm


Paris, France





The new concept of PP Paris boutique assumes a new material dimension. At the entrance of the boutique, as a worship icon, a maxi skull adorned with Swarowsky receives the “followers”. Starting from this focal point we identify the space that results scanned by the rigour of the black marble covered gates for man area and white marble covered gates for woman area. Passing the gates we go through this precious case and spaces characterised by the different expositive scenographies. White marble, stainless steel and extra-clear mirrors for woman, black marble, black iron and mirrors for man; these are the materials that draft the displays, each one conceived as a box in the box, as cages characterised by plug in with balanced and researched relationships which show, through shelves and hanging, dresses or  accessories enhanced by dedicated lights. The solidity and preciousness of the materials on the floor and wall finally culminate in a sky of Chandeliers, composed by hand-blown Murano glass, which mark the rhythm and enlighten the spaces, reinforcing the image and creativity of a concept which is able to create a dialogue among marble, steel and mirrors, glasses, solid and evanescent, an alternation game, with reference and joints as the one between man and woman.