Philipp Plein Doha


Philipp Plein Doha




125 sqm


Doha, Qatar




Shop facade is a representative and high impact landmark in the luxury context of The Pearl (Qatar): the majestic dark portal in grey marble with polished stainless steel backlit logos immediately captures pedestrians attention focusing it to shop interiors. Inside, the shiny crystal skull welcomes visitors surrounded by display walls covered with luminous white arabesque marble and polished grey stone. The luxury goods are valorized on the mirror covered shelves in a shiny and expansive ambient of about 5 meters high where elegance plays with the reflections of extraclear and smoked mirrors together with the polished stainless steel finishings present in the furniture.  The lounge area  (behind the skull and in front of marble portal holding the stainless steel cash desk) allows the customers to explore the shop through two paths made of discoveries and surprises on every piece of furniture.  The precious oak boiseries between mirror nooks are striking lighted also by the handcrafted Murano crystal chandeliers. The second area of the shop is in fine characterized by tridimensional marble walls made with grey marble hexagons of different thickness protruding the displayed goods.