Italian D DAY @BAKU: The Challenge of Sustainable Luxury Design

Italian D DAY @BAKU: The Challenge of Sustainable Luxury Design

Architect Claudio Pironi offers his original perspective to the second edition of the Italian Design Day in Baku with ” Store that tell stories ” a speech that unveils the relationship between luxury design and sustainability.

 The second International Italian design Day took place the 1st of March in 100 cities around the world.

It has been promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Milano Triennale, the Milano Design Fair, the Association for Industrial Design, the Compasso d’Oro Foundation and the Altagamma Foundation, aiming at celebrating the excellence of Italian design in the world, such an important branch of Italian culture and economy.

The initiative involved 100 Italian culture ambassadors that simultaneously presented 100 different ‘tributes’ on different economic and manufacturing perspectives of Italian excellence and innovation.

Architect Claudio Pironi has been invited by the Italian Embassy in Baku as a culture witness to represent the cultural value of Design as an operational tool within the relationship between sustainable projects and sustainable policies. He told us his point of view that investigates how the design world is able to make a special contribution to respect for nature and human beings. “A project is sustainable because of its ability to produce forms, solutions and meanings that are not only valid in the present but continue to generate value for future generations, in a dynamic balance,” explains Pironi.

The main subject of the 2018 Italian Design Day perfectly fits with the theme chosen by Azerbaijan for its candidacy to host the EXPO 2025 in Baku: ” Human Capital ” and in perfect harmony with the theme “Broken Nature – Design Takes on Human Survival”, chosen for the XXII International Exhibition of the Milano Triennale, which will be held from March 1st to September 1st 2019.

“The challenge for design, in particular of luxury design,” continues Pironi, “is to redefine the concept of timeless design under new perspectives that look to the dreams of future generations”.


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