Archichef London: Studio Pironi & Hyphen in a funny night dedicated to food & design

Archichef London: Studio Pironi & Hyphen in a funny night dedicated to food & design

Food is art. Cooking is architecture.

That’s why we’ve been happy to participate to a challenge till the last spoon about food and design at Barbican last week with our partners. The name of the event we’ve been invited is Archichef Night. For the occasion, some important London-based architectural practices proved their cooking skills in the kitchen of Osteria @Barbican Centre, coordinated and supervised by the Head Chef Christian Farrelly and his staff. Each practice was called to develop a recipe that can describe the salient features of one of they works

We developed the starter, a beef sashimi and celery root salad presented on a mise en place evoking the hexagonal staircase of Philipp Plein Flagship Store in London. A funny event that give us the opportunity to talk about food and design.

Why “food design” is such an increasingly used word?

What does necklaces made of sugar crystals, contact lenses made of coffee, or chairs made of bread have in common? They use food as a tool to communicate something. They focus on expressing a concept, idea, or identity to people through food and the experience of eating. Cooking is a disciplines requiring method and creativity. Design has lot to offer to this universe.

The number of foodies is growing, as well the quality and quantity of magazines and tv format dedicated to this issue. Design could give to all of this the chance to bring innovation, creating fruitful mix between the world of things and the one of gastronomy. Moreover, this universe is contaminated by technology – such as 3d printing –  useful to create food design. Last but not least, the idealistic meeting point between aesthetic and marketing, between making more money doing something beautiful.

Apparently food design is a contemporary stuff. It has no history in the past. It does not exist the “first” food design product or dish. There is no clear definition of the food design boundaries. Are the dishes of Ferran Adrià or Massimo Bottura Food Design?

We believe that beauty affect all the things, from home interiors to food. Would the sicilian cannolo or parisian macarons have had the same fortune if not only incredibly tasty but also beautiful and iconic?


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