An impressive luxury temple made by Claudio Pironi Architect at Singapore Marina Bay Sands

An impressive luxury temple made by Claudio Pironi Architect at Singapore Marina Bay Sands

“Amazing”: here is the latest luxury temple designed by Architect Claudio Pironi for Philipp Plein inside the sumptuous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Made to amaze and conquer, the space – with its 480 square meters – appears imposing and confirms the architect’s signature as the alchemist of light.
The spaces interpretation, the materials’ choice, the decor details follow a single fil-rouge sewn by Claudio Pironi on Plein’s rock soul to capture the attention of customers by transporting them into a dreamlike atmosphere.

The experience begins with the majestic studded skull of Crystallized Swarovski® Element that welcomes visitors at the entrance. The space dedicated to menswear is embellished by a display with hexagonal honeycombs that houses the eyewear collections, a sumptuous black leather daybed and two hexagonal tables.
The left wing is dominated by a huge custom-made Murano glass chandelier, whose light creates marvelous reflections on the black marble walls inside the garments and accessories.
A further room, reserved and precious, lies behind the imposing black-marble staircase that takes visitors to the second floor.

Here we find the hexagonal motif in the armchairs in black leather and steel, while at the walls there is a mix of afrormosia wood, black marble and mirrors, harmoniously mixed materials to exalt the items on display.

Going up to the second floor, the delicate shades of white chosen for the marble panels and walls, illuminated by polished steel and mirrored shelves, create an all-female emotional environment to shop and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere.
The entrance to the womenswear floor does not disappoint, immediately plunging visitors into the Plein world with another majestic floating skull inside a glass case, studded with Crystallized Swarovski® Element.

The space, opened a few days ago in the exclusive casino resort well-known for its extraordinary view over the Singapore bay, has two independent entrances, one for each floor, thus allowing customers to choose to visit an area or both on an area of ​​480 square meters.

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