Wynn store: a rock Diamond

Wynn store: a rock Diamond

Wynn store is a luxury design temple where guests are invited to experience an unforgettable journey in a perfect sequence of emotions, forged in materials and geometries where contrasts of light, space and matter represent the maximum expression.

The boutique is the result of a perfect match between the strong personality of the brand Philipp Plein and the careful design and compositional research of Architect Claudio Pironi. A majestic skull studded with Crystallised Swarovski welcomes visitors at the entrance, reverberating the gleam of the huge Crystal Chandelier suspended in the center of the store and becoming a guide to explore the exhibition space, developed on 130 sqm. An open space that renounces to any internal partition to use the furnishings themselves as ordering elements of composition and perception.

The ‘Rock’ spirit of Philipp Plein’s personality is enhanced by precious finishes that make the store a real gem, shining in the center of Las Vegas. The walls in sophisticated White Marble laid in open stain are heated and embellished by the study of light that defines and forms all objects. Each element, designed and tailor-made, enhances the “box in the box” furniture concept, with Elegant Black Marble and Black Iron for gents, Polished Steel and Arabesque White Marble for ladies, in a harmoniously symmetrical setting calibrated in a meticulous game of mirrors and reflections that create astonishment and wonder.





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